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APertain provides a Swift and Objective-C compatible Library which supports supports all devices running iOS since the version 6. APertain can integrate with Apps running in Phones (iPHone), Tablets(iPad) & Music Players(iPod). It relishes with User Engagement Tools such as User Onboarding, Pertain Engine®, In App Support, Smart Rating Prompts, Smart Push Notifications, App User Behavioral Analytics etc., within the App. The SDK supports iOS 6 version onwards to the latest iOS version.

Smart Notifications with Integration with FCM

APertain provides a unique feature list including User Onboarding as part of the App to include Welcome Message Notifications, Drip Push Notifications, and as well as the popular User Onboarding slideshow integration to showcase the App prowess for new Users. With the intelligent Smart Push, APertain pushes the notifications at the appropriate time based on User previous behavior and ensures the Notifications are always seen and acted upon.

Pertain Engine Ensures User Retention

APertain’s App User Behavioral Analytics is somewhat understated. It includes the critical analysis of what user does on the App and it also records key User Behavior Parameters. These User Behavior Parameters are then available on the APertain Console (https://www.apertain.com/login.apt) to be configured along with Pertain Engine® for clearing up or shaping User Behavior

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