APertain SDK Resources for various Platforms
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APertain Android SDK includes a Library Project & other resources to embed the User Onboarding Features, Pertain Engine®, In App Support, Smart Rating Prompts, Smart Push Notifications, App User Behavioral Analytics etc., within the App. The SDK supports Android version since Gingerbread, (v2.3), hence can be retrofitted to any Android device.APertain provides pro-active User Engagement Tools to increase User Engagement & Retention from within the App. Thus increasing enriching the scope of revenue generation per User.

Android Studio Based Development

APertain provides support for the Android Studio based development of Android Apps. Thus increasing compatibility in look and feel as well as functionally to improve your App tremendously. Adding APertain in an Android App is going to provide the App Developer & App Marketer with User Engagement Tools which are necessary to thrive in this competitive environment.

Integration with Firebase APIs

APertain provides full support for Apps developed natively using Android Studio. It provides the necessary API for integrating User Engagement Tools such as User Onboarding which reduces dormant users and increases Active App Users for the App and thus increasing User Retention.

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