Pertain Engine, User Behavior Rules Engine
Pertain Engine
Pertain Engine

A default Pertain Engine for taking appropriate decisions during the user interactions in the Mobile App/Game. A highly powerful & customized Pertain Engine provides decisions based on the user behavioral parameters as recorded for each user of the App/Game.

Whenever a significant event occurs you can update your parameters and their respective values. The parameters can be incremental, cumulative, existential. Based on the recorded or to be recorded parameters you can define your own custom workflow.

The Pertain Engine then executes the workflow to provide you with an option to navigate from one part to the other of the App/Game.

Pertain Engine, Built-in User Behavior based Rules Engine
Built-In Pertain Engine
For common purposes of Rating Prompts, In-App Feedback Prompts, & package upgrade prompts etc., using already built-in Pertain Engine Rules. Also to tweak these built-in Rules to what works for your App/Game.
Customizable Rules Engine based on User defined parameters and user defined Rules
Customized Developer Workflow
Define & Implement Your Own Workflow with a customized Pertain Engine. Define the Workflow with Your Own parameters with the Pertain Engine's Intelligence.
Dynamic deployment of different Workflows based on dynamic Rules
Dynamic Workflow Deployment
Implement Your Own Workflow Logic in the Web. Device downloads the Logic, Pertains to decisions with Your Own Intelligence. Apertain Gives the Easy Way to Set Your Ideas.
Start taking Actions based on User Behavioural Patterns
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Pertain Engine, User Behavior Rules Engine
Pertain Engine
Define the Logic, Decisions based on the User's Behaviour. Take Action!

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