Push Notifications
Push Notifications
Push Notifications

Get More From Your Apps! Empower your strengths, improve your soft spots and increase engagement by using smart statistics, user segmentation, automated triggers and more. Our features help you get the best out of your product!

APertain gives Push Notifications - The proven way to increase engagement Push notifications are a direct channel to your app's users. Keep them happy and engaged with app updates, promotions, and more sent directly to their device. Send notifications to your whole user base, or segment based on the message being sent.

Pre-scheduled push notifications
Scheduled Pushing
Advanced scheduling - Schedule your push notifications the moment you finish your campaign planning without having to remember to send each individual message. The APertain Console allows developer to send notifications directly from the Console with advanced scheduling based on Day, Date, Time and also based on the Geo Location of the device.
Pushing Notifications based on Geo-location
Geo Location Push
APertain Push Notifications allows target your notifications to specific groups of your users. Use our tags API for classic cases such as greeting new users, attracting abandoning users and increasing the average revenue per user based on their locations and language.
Global scheduler to push notifications at the right time for the right device
TimeZone based Scheduler
Set a specific time to send a notification, or schedule the notification to be sent on fixed intervals. It is also possible to send the notification according to the device time zone. The Push Composer allows you to preview your notifications in real time on the platforms you target.