User Onboarding
User Onboarding
Mobile User Onboarding

Get More From Your Apps! When you think about Apps you normally think about Users, how to get them to Know the App, Discover the App (Keywords), Know How the App Works (Play Store Video), Identify with the App (explain what problem the App solves), etc.,

Developers & Marketers tend to spend a lot of time and money to get the User inside the App (Search, Download, Install). Sometimes the cost of acquisition of the User is in the terms from a few cents to a 10s of dollars.

APertain provides Mobile User Onboarding features as part of its User Engagement Tools to make sure,

  1. list User OnboardingApp User knows why he has installed this App
  2. list User OnboardingApp User comes back to the App again and again
  3. list User OnboardingApp User who is dormant also becomes an Active User
  4. list User OnboardingMake sure you identify the real Target User for your App
Welcome message
Welcome Message
First time App Use is a boon for any App Developer. Alas the Users who install Apps sometimes without their knowledge forget an App installation and fail to even use the App once. To fix this particular pain point, APertain introduces User Onboarding feature, Welcome Message Push. Through this feature, the App integrated with APertain after installation immediately pushes a Welcome Message which introduces the App with a user defined attractive title & description to engross the App User to ensure he opens the App the very first time immediately after installation.
Pushing Notifications based on Geo-location
Drip User Onboarding Campaigns
APertain Push Notifications allows targeted notifications to be pushed to the first time App User. For example, you would have heard or received e-mail campaigns from popular websites when you register with your e-mail ID, right! Similarly, APertain Drip User Onboarding Campaigns create the ability to have a Drip Push Campaign from our SaaS server to the Fresh (first-time) App User to receive notifications about various features available within the App. You can also link the Notifications directly to the App’s various deep-linked activities to ensure that the User is targeted specifically on that feature.
Mobile User Onboarding
User Onboarding User Interface
An User Onboarding User Interface is a place to enlighten your App User why he/she has downloaded your App. To highlight all your dramatic features which is going to help the App User. It can be the best problem solving ability or a casual time-passing notion or providing valuable insight to the User how to use the App. For a Calculator App this can be explaining that you have that factorial function with a click of a button or a Calendar App how to configure Notifications for your events.
Start taking Actions based on User Behavioural Patterns
Learn More About Other APertain Features
Mobile User Onboarding
User Onboarding
Integrate the hard-earned User & Increase the number of Active Users using the App!
Smart Rating Prompts
Smart Rating Prompt
Learn how your Users feel about your App/Game. Turn Users into fans.
Mobile In-App Support, Mobile App Support
In-App Support
Open a conversation with your Users, and help them get Engaged with the App/Game.
Push Notifications
Push Notifications
Notify Users on Deals, Offers, Updates, or just remind them about your App!
App Analytics, User Behavior Analytics
App Analytics
User's Behaviour Patterns provide you the User Analytics which can make or break your App/Game
Pertain Engine, User Behavior Rules Engine
Pertain Engine
Define the Logic, Decisions based on the User's Behaviour. Take Action!

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