com.opensymphony.xwork2.ActionSupport@4c2cb77d Get Invited to use APertain Mobile Customer Engagement Platform to use User Engagement Tools such as Smart Rating Prompts, In-App Support, Push Notifications etc.,

Mobile Customer Engagement Platform

Prompt based on User's Positive Experiences,In-App Support and
More Active Users with User Onboarding.

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  • User Onboarding

    Onboard your Users effectively & efficiently. Increase their activity within your App.

  • Smart Rating Promt

    You shall ask for a prompt rating & review, and you shall receive it. The trick is to know when.

  • In-App Support

    Become the anchor for the App User by providing instant responsive customer support from within the App.

  • Push Notifications

    Reach & Engage the user at the time which is comfortable for the User. Thus increasing engagement.

  • App Analytics

    User Behaviour Analytics provides relevant trends and also identifies what works and what not.

  • Pertain Engine®

    Using User Behaviour analytics, you can shape User Behaviour by dynamically deploying Rules inside Pertain Engine®.