Mobile User Onboarding
Mobile User Onboarding
APertain Mobile User Onboarding provides a unique way to educate the App User on the benefits of the App and also enables actually increasing the probability of the App User coming back again and again to use the App and thus increasing the Active Users using the App regularly. know more..
Smart Rating Prompt
Smart Rating Prompts
To ensure a positive review, it is a prerogative of the Developer to show up the Rating Prompt at the right moment for the user. APertain provides User Behavioural Parameters which provide positive or negative experience parameters to identify the right moment & to increase positive reviews. know more..
In-App Support
Mobile In-App Support, Mobile App Support
APertain provides a effective interface similar to a Chat Messenger to provide a means of interaction between the user and the developer from within the App. It is a great tool to help users and keep tracking common problems in the App, which could be solved in future updates. know more..
Push Notifications
Push Notifications
APertain is all about increasing the productivity. Delight Customers with deals, product updates, custom messages using Push Notifications. Users will feel special and will become your app's biggest advocates. know more..
App Analytics
App Analytics, User Behavior Analytics
APertain provides App Analytics based on User Behavioural Patterns/Parameters which holds the User Behaviour in a unique perspective to provide a holistic view of the App/Game usage. know more..
Pertain Engine
Pertain Engine, User Behavior Rules Engine
APertain provides the way to Define & Implement Your Own Workflow with a customized Pertain Engine. Define the Workflow with Your Own parameters with the Pertain Engine's® Intelligence. know more..
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