In-App Support – A best Alternative for Support Call and Tickets in Mobile Apps

In-App Support – A best Alternative for Support Call and Tickets

In-App Support for Support Call and Tickets and What could be the best Alternative to support Apps other than the Live Chat option?

Mobile Applications are on the rise and the competition is real. Users can easily pick their Apps from the App store and can uninstall it if it doesn’t meet their expectations. And it just takes seconds for them, to decide, whether your App have a chance or can’t make it through the competition. So when you provide everything, but just don’t give the same attention to support your users in their queries?. You will probably lose them as fast as you earned them.

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In-App chatter proving to be the most successful channel in driving Customer Support Experience

In-App chatter proving to be the most successful channel in driving customer support experience

Enhanced Customer Experience is possible through In-App Support? Yes, it is achievable if we know how to exploit a feature to its fullest. To learn about In-App Support and how it is connected to customer support and experience, click here.

Coming to the topic, Providing just a Customer Support channel is not enough nowadays. But how well you provide support through them is the question.

People expect “Standard” from the Business People and we can’t deny how much it is important. Moreover, they don’t want it to be formal, repetitive and boring. And no more waiting for response and consuming their time. So App developers need to up the ante and put themselves in their users’ shoes to deliver the best support.

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How Mobile App Developers are using In-app Support for insight in user requirements


The description itself gives you an idea or hint on the necessity of an In-App support.  Yes, we need an in-built chat support, to gain knowledge on the performance of our Brainchild or in other words, to learn the defects, our product is causing. Thus Feedback is very much essential, to learn and grow in Business.


Every Invention or Product needs Feedback, to fix the bugs as well as to know the difficulties, users encounter. So when developers debug the errors quickly and effectively, they earn a happy customer. But to make it easy for your users to reach you, you need to provide an accessible support system. That is, being there for your customers, round the clock. Therefore to deliver the purpose, it has lead to the invention of In-app Support feature, for an immediate connect to their live users for their queries and issues. 


In simple terms, In-App support is a built-in support, i.e the support system is available inside the app. It acts as a Live Messaging Center, to ensure a smooth customer experience for the user. Therefore, when a customer encounters any specific problem, regarding the app, he can report his issue without leaving the application.


Principally, the developers see the In-app chat as a channel, to gain an insight into the working of their product.

Thus, the customer queries and related bugs, can be directly related to users’ expectations from the app. Also it reflects the possibility of any inadequacy in terms of Features or Performance or both. So In-App chat support, to a very extent, helps developers to gain knowledge on their product, from their customers’ user experience. So when you know your customers’ want and dislikes, it is easy for you to streamline your product.

Also to note, this feature works both ways – Online and Offline. That is, if the user logs out in the middle of a chat or conversation, the reply is immediately loaded into the conversation. So once he logs back, he is notified of an awaiting reply from the support team.


It is crucial for any app to provide an in-built support. Because the support feature, doesn’t necessarily require the user to leave the application to search for support team outside. A well built In-app support provides the frequent FAQs in simple terms, for the user to understand. They also provide options to exactly illustrate your queries, like the option to attach screenshots, image, etc to get a clear view of the problem.  Also not less important, demo videos are also of a great help to self-assist you to solve your queries.

Don’t stop with learning about this great feature, try in real-life, our APertain In-App Support to support your users, with a effective support system. Without a doubt, it helps you to gain valuable insights on your Customers’ user experience and also earn you an active and solid customer base.

Mobile Apps Need Customer Engagement

Why do Mobile Apps need a Customer Engagement Platform?

Customer Engagement – Does it Provide User Retention? YES!

Nearly 1 in 4 people abandon mobile apps after only one use (http://techcrunch.com/2016/05/31/nearly-1-in-4-people-abandon-mobile-apps-after-only-one-use/), this is an article which ran in TechCrunch Yesterday (31st May 2016)! Basically this article provides a great insight into how Customer Engagement provides more App Usage & User Retention.

This is a scary trend in Mobile App Market (both Android & iOS) in the past few years, the Users just forget when they download an App that they either use them only once or don’t use them at all.

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