Mobile Customer Engagement Platform to convert App Critics to App Advocates

Free Webinar – Mobile Engagement Platform to convert App Critics to App Advocates

Our founder Jay is providing a Free Webinar for TechGig members on Mobile Engagement Platform to convert App Critics to App Advocates on Monday, 2nd November 2015.

What’s in it for you?

Mobile App growth is unprecedented. However, the harsh reality is that every mobile App is struggling to get User attention. Having an App that addresses a User challenge or built for Entertainment purpose is just not good enough. App has to have potential to dynamically engage users, offer great and timely user support and experience. This is the only mantra to hold your users.  A(P)ertain User engagement tools are the answer to this monstrous problem. Read More

A(P)ertain Can Positive Ratings & Reviews Improve App Downloads

Learn How Increased Positive Reviews & Ratings can Improve Mobile App Downloads

With millions of free and paid apps out there, it is difficult to achieve initial success. Competition is cut throat, market place is bustling and in all that; your app can easily be lost. In order to tap the true potential in your app, your business model needs to include the answers to the following key questions before charting out marketing strategy.

  • How to rank the app high to be discovered organically?
  • How to increase app downloads to increase the app business monetary value?
  • How to reach and engage target audience for repeated usage?

Here we list of some of the best organic marketing strategies that will help you monetize your app business model effectively without investing much on your marketing activities.

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A(P)ertain is "GMASA Most Promising SDK of the Year 2015"

A(P)ertain Showcasing at #GMASA 2015

Ever since the launch of A(P)ertain, we have been spending considerable amount of time and energy  showcasing A(P)ertain to the developer community through various online and offline platforms. This time, A(P)ertain was showcased at the global platform GMASA Chennai (Global Mobile Apps Summit & Awards) held in our very own city Chennai.

GMASA, the first ever Global Mobile App Awards at Chennai had a huge audience of Mobile APPs developer community, visitors, Angel Investors, Celebrities and media partners. The two day Summit culminated with the awards evening where 57 Apps shortlisted from over 2500 apps and SDK platforms. Today marks the end of this fantastic two days event.  So, we thought to summarize the happening for our customers who couldn’t join us at our booth.

To start with, the BIGGEST NEWS for our customers from us is, A(P)ertain is awarded the “Most Promising Mobile Customer Engagement SDK of the year” by GMASA Jury for its Rich Customer Engagement Feature sets and flexibility that it offers to Mobile APP developers to enhance Customer Experience and drive engagement and love for their app. Out of hundreds of applicants competing for various awards, A(P)ertain clinched this award to register its presence at global platform. Check out the complete event details here

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Why A(P)ertain ?

Why A(P)ertain?

I have been meaning to write this post for a very long time. In our quest for something meaningful, we suddenly strike upon something which is both meaningful, honest and relevant. But, as most of the time we don’t realize it as soon as we should and most of the time end up losing the same.

As a Mobile Developer developing Mobile Apps/Games for various clients, as well as ourselves – we JKL Technologies had created a niche and profitable market. But as an App Developer we tend to always think about how the User is actually using the App/Game. It is quite daunting to get a real perspective of a User handling our game. We know certain areas of the App/Game are created which are defined as “User Error Handling” or “Unexpected Areas”, which as a developer we dread a User to feel or see. These areas are such death knell, that we want to guide a valid User out. But, the seeds of that result are sown much farther in the App User Experience that recovering from that was not easy by normal coding within the App.

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