How Rating Prompts can help you drive Successful Product Management

So today lets learn about how rating prompts play an important role in shaping your product and drives them toward the success ladder.

What role the rating prompts play in your app?

In the current technology-driven modern world, every website has created their unique individual app to market their business. As you know apps and ratings go hand in hand. Because, Ratings, now, play a crucial role in determining the success of the product

Also apps greatly helps them to know their current market value, their customer base, also the customer relationship management. You can also know the intimate details like your customers’ personal opinions and their reviews of your product. So it is very clear that, the app in your user’s device determine your company’s revenue but to boost your app you need great reviews and ratings.

How to draw great reviews?
  • Foremost set your product goal and your target audience. This way you can build an well organised and thoughtful product. 
  • Also you know their current requirements which helps you to deliver better and faster.
  • These kinds of pre-planning and organised methodology will help you have a positive good start and also leverage your business in the right direction.

But these are the basics if you want your app to have a positive foundation in the beginning. To sustain your app in the long run you need to accumulate positive and constructive feedback from your initial users. Therefore it is essential to time your prompts in the smart way. 

What is Smart way prompting?

Smart way prompting is learning the skill to time your prompts in the right time. It is the strategic way of getting positive reviews and build your customer relationship.

So how do you build your product through smart way prompting?
  • To start with, Smart way prompting helps you greatly to maintain a good customer relationship.
  • This maintenance of a steady relationship with your customers boosts your product to a great extent.
  • Moreover you can solve your users’ problems within the app by using the reviews you get. This is a good way of stopping negative criticism going outside.
  • Also you learn the art of when to prompt for a review and when not to.
  • Eventually, all your smart work helps you conquer the app store filled with positive feedback.
  • Also make sure that you don’t pester your customers with frequent number of prompts which shows that you are desperate for reviews. So this timing is also crucial.
  • Finally give them the space and also see their engagement in the app which can also help you customise your prompt.
Final thoughts

To conclude, it is no doubt that smart way prompting is the way to build your customer relationship without forming any glitch between you two. This ensures your product resonates with your customer needs and it will successfully drives your product in the right way.


How popular apps are converting user experience to 5 star ratings

The current popular apps are once a normal app who knew how to convert user experience to 5 star rating. They now maintain a large customer base with ever growing increase in downloads.

So for any app to gain popularity, the product developers must give paramount importance to the user experience. It is well because happy customers are always the key for an all star rating.  Also for your popularity on board.

The fact is that it doesn’t stop after launching your product in the market. Rather the process continues. There is a great need to ensure smooth and flawless functioning of the app. Which in turn takes care your product quality as well as your popularity among your competitors.

Coming back to the topic, lets discuss how the popular apps rewarded themselves a Countless positive reviews with a happy come steady customer base?

Well, the answer is simple. They gave their users a good and satisfying experience. They always made sure the customers got what they wanted. Whether it is content, fun, an interesting feature, happiness, thrill or whatever they want.

So by giving whatever they want how can you convert their experience into an all star experience for your users?

Let’s discuss it below.

Attract your kind of customers:

         When the user searches your app in the play store, you should be reachable to your targeted audience over your competitors. To achieve that your ASO matters, also a neat screenshot of your easy and organised features. They should always stand out which will help you score a good first impression. By this, you are sure to get a decent number of downloads and possibly a couple or more of positive ratings for your app.

Understand customers Challenges and Usability:

        Make sure you cover all your user’s requirements. Always add interesting and new features in your updates which shows you are up to date with technology. More importantly be ahead of your competitors. Identify where they lack and use it to your advantage. This is sure to give a decent bunch of positive reviews and ratings.

Track how your Customers feel and get feedback:

      You can do all the above but it is important to know how your customers feel. Else you may fail to get the desired rating or end up with a negative comment in the public. Finally,  App developers should on-board the novice user, educate the first time user and give rich experience to the expert users.

Now, how can get this done through our product Apertain?

APertain which has a pertain engine, collects the user experience and shows a rating prompt at the most appropriate time to get all star rating for your app. If any customer has bad experience with the app, get feedback from them and work on it. This, makes them desire your product more, which will surely give you a hike in positive responses and ratings.

How User Engagement can Increase your Revenue

How User Engagement can Increase your Revenue

All Apps continue to do to increase their revenue is increase App Downloads, increase positive reviews, increase marketing to get more users using the product and so on and so forth. In this fast paced App economy we are always focused on how to get more eyeballs into our App and how to increase presence in this market, we tend to forget about who have already been onboarded into our App. That’s where User Engagement comes in.

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