TechInAsia Jakarta

TechInAsia Jakarta

APertain in TechInAsia Jakarta:

The TechInAsia Jakarta conference conducted on 16 Nov – 17 Nov of 2016 is the fifth annual event in Jakarta. More than 5300 people gathered for the Event, mostly (around 91%) from Indonesia and the small but significant number from other countries. This event helps the startups get introduced the Tech Startup Industry. During the Event, we had put up a Bootstrap Alley Stall to provide insight into APertain and how it would be helpful for the Mobile Developers business.

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APertain Journey SaaSx

APertain and SaaSx – The People, The Growth, The Journey

As the dust slowly settles down on yet another successful SaaSx event, I thought it’s just right enough to ponder on the people it has inspired, the growth it has garnered and the journey it has taken. In the past one-and-a-half years there has been 3 SaaSx events & it has been so for APertain too. APertain and SaaSx grew bigger & bolder in each of their respective journeys. SaaSx has incorporated stuff which any Entrepreneur will dream to be part off. And it is a boon for each and every SaaS Founder.

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Mobile Customer Engagement Platform to convert App Critics to App Advocates

Free Webinar – Mobile Engagement Platform to convert App Critics to App Advocates

Our founder Jay is providing a Free Webinar for TechGig members on Mobile Engagement Platform to convert App Critics to App Advocates on Monday, 2nd November 2015.

What’s in it for you?

Mobile App growth is unprecedented. However, the harsh reality is that every mobile App is struggling to get User attention. Having an App that addresses a User challenge or built for Entertainment purpose is just not good enough. App has to have potential to dynamically engage users, offer great and timely user support and experience. This is the only mantra to hold your users.  A(P)ertain User engagement tools are the answer to this monstrous problem. Read More