Why A(P)ertain ?

Why A(P)ertain?

I have been meaning to write this post for a very long time. In our quest for something meaningful, we suddenly strike upon something which is both meaningful, honest and relevant. But, as most of the time we don’t realize it as soon as we should and most of the time end up losing the same.

As a Mobile Developer developing Mobile Apps/Games for various clients, as well as ourselves – we JKL Technologies had created a niche and profitable market. But as an App Developer we tend to always think about how the User is actually using the App/Game. It is quite daunting to get a real perspective of a User handling our game. We know certain areas of the App/Game are created which are defined as “User Error Handling” or “Unexpected Areas”, which as a developer we dread a User to feel or see. These areas are such death knell, that we want to guide a valid User out. But, the seeds of that result are sown much farther in the App User Experience that recovering from that was not easy by normal coding within the App.

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A(P)ertain soft-launch in 3rd Annual Mobile Apps 2014

A(P)ertain Launch @ 3rd Annual Mobile Apps 2014

We at JKL Technologies are proud to invite you to the 3rd Annual Mobile Apps 2014 to witness the launch of A(P)ertain – A Mobile Customer Engagement Platform for Mobile App/Game Developers.

The event is held on Matthan Hotel, Bangalore in Old Airport Road on July 17th 2014. We are there from morning till evening with the Developers who developed the SDK. Please visit and have a sneak preview of the SDK before worldwide launch soon.