Mobile User Onboarding

APertain Mobile User Onboarding

What is Mobile User Onboarding?

Mobile User Onboarding is a very broad term defined in a very complex sense by many analysts and experts. But all they want to convey is to ensure First App Usage from a Mobile User.

Simply put, a Mobile User browses the App Store, downloads an App and uses it for the first time. The first two steps belong to the Marketing department. The last step to ensure the User accesses the App for the very first time is the most crucial step on any App. You can throw money and get the first two step done, but no matter how much you spend the first use of the App is in the control of the user and it is always determined by him. Read More

How to Promote your Gaming Apps

What are Gaming Apps?

Gaming Apps are mobile applications which provide momentary gaming for a casual gamer as well as continuous engagement to enable gamer to complete simple to complex tasks within their comforts and confines of a Mobile Device.

Gaming Apps are soaring high, in a short span they are skyrocketing on all the digital devices. Ever thought what takes a game to riches? Well not the game content alone, game promotions & the way to engage game players continuously play a dominant role in making a game, a real game.

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Mobile Customer Engagement Platform to convert App Critics to App Advocates

Free Webinar – Mobile Engagement Platform to convert App Critics to App Advocates

Our founder Jay is providing a Free Webinar for TechGig members on Mobile Engagement Platform to convert App Critics to App Advocates on Monday, 2nd November 2015.

What’s in it for you?

Mobile App growth is unprecedented. However, the harsh reality is that every mobile App is struggling to get User attention. Having an App that addresses a User challenge or built for Entertainment purpose is just not good enough. App has to have potential to dynamically engage users, offer great and timely user support and experience. This is the only mantra to hold your users.  A(P)ertain User engagement tools are the answer to this monstrous problem. Read More