In-App Support – A best Alternative for Support Call and Tickets in Mobile Apps

In-App Support – A best Alternative for Support Call and Tickets

In-App Support for Support Call and Tickets and What could be the best Alternative to support Apps other than the Live Chat option?

Mobile Applications are on the rise and the competition is real. Users can easily pick their Apps from the App store and can uninstall it if it doesn’t meet their expectations. And it just takes seconds for them, to decide, whether your App have a chance or can’t make it through the competition. So when you provide everything, but just don’t give the same attention to support your users in their queries?. You will probably lose them as fast as you earned them.

Providing an In-built Support system will function like a oil that keeps the machine in check. You need to know your shortcomings and flaws to service your product to run smoothly. And your In-App support is the lubricant that makes your App function well.

But a customer support needs to be flexible and customer-oriented. A good customer support should always meet the customers where they want and how fast they want.

Lets’ see how an effective In-App Support is extremely user friendly and also the features which makes it effective.

The FAQ section

It offers a self-helping strategy. Most of the users’ first instinct is to have a read at them whenever they encounter any problem. As this section consists of the possible expected queries, they might even find their solution quick enough within the app.

Demo (or) Walk-through videos

The next is the Demo or walk-through videos available within the app, which is again facilitated to make it easy for the users. A step by step guidance to make use of the features in the video format, helps the non-tech savvys to navigate the app.

User On-boarding:

Instead of having videos and tutorials, user on-boarding is a simple way to reach the novice or the first time user to get into the app. This simple step-by-step guide helps the user to start using the app without any obstruction.

In-App Support (Live Chat)

In-App Support is the  advanced support mechanism that doesn’t make the customer to wait for the reply or constantly make them check the app for messages or mail. Users will get an instant reply and they will be notified quick enough.


With this great and supportive features, any developer can easily help and support their users. On the other hand it also helps developers to gain an insight on the users’ requirements and know their App’s bugs and shortcomings.

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