How Mobile app developers are using In-app Support for keeping frustrated users from leaving the App


And that is a fact. In the previous article, we learnt about In-App Support and the necessity of providing it. Today let’s understand how the In-App support feature helps the developers, in keeping their users intact and satisfied.


In the Previous days and still continuing, IVR support system is the one of the ways, to cater to the needs and inquiries of the customers. But the question is doesn’t the process take too long? Also, does it addresses the customers’ complaints right to the point? The answer would be probably a mix of yes and no. But IVR system is just an example. Whether your support is through Call or Chat, we need to provide the best. Therefore to avoid the unnecessary risk of harming your reputation, you need to be smart enough, to be where your customers’ want.

And that’s what In-App support exactly is. It is all about being there for customers, where they want.

So a Good, well built In-App support, has some strong features to support the customers.


When we contact the customer support, we expect an immediate response or solution to fix our issue. But when we are made to wait or if they give a vague time period to resolve our issue, we are definitely rethinking of using their service. But the integration of In-App support definitely eliminates this time consuming process, because the feature rather acknowledges the importance of a timely reply.

So when you type in your queries, they are immediately looked in to and accordingly an solution is given.


How we feel, when we are updated about the progress of our complaints? Yes, there will be certainly a relief, when we hear that we can soon enough use the application or product like before. That’s the power of customer support. When our problems are taken care of appropriately, we use the product for a long stretch of time. Notifications just do the same of bringing updates, when we didn’t even request for it.


The main advantage of having a Offline chat is that, you don’t have to worry about leaving the chat in the middle way. It’s because, the response loads into your chat box instantly and once you are back, you are notified about the reply. This cuts down the necessity of checking the App a couple or more times.


There are sometimes we might face some issue, but we hesitate to write a long story explaining the same. How about capture the Screenshot or record the screen where the app goes wrong? It helps both the developer and user in saving the time and explaining to the point through visual. Attaching the Screenshots or videos in the In-App Support will rightly assist in their queries.


Now we know, how In-App support helps both the developers and users in maintaining a good cordial relationship and thus achieve in providing a sophisticated support system. So when you cater to your users’ need at the given exact time, you minimize the percentage of users getting discontented or frustrated with your service. Thus when it comes to Business, you have a responsibility to commit to your customers’ needs. If not, you lose your value and stand.