How In-App Support helps App Developers to Rekindle the Dormant Users?


Re-engaging the Dormant users, may not be a tricky task but it’s the part that take much efforts.


Dormant or a fall in Active Users, are any Entrepreneur’s worst nightmare. Because when their Active Customer Base shrink, day by day, all the hard work put in the past, just goes meaningless. As a result, some starts adopting alternative techniques, such as announcing incentives or discounts on their product or service, to see the change in their expansion of Business. But without a strong support to uphold the customers, how the baits work? The process just repeats itself. Now this same applies to Appreneurs, who are trying to make a mark in their Industry.

So how about bringing an In-built support to ease the pain of your users and Being there for your customers.

As much discussed about In-App support in the previous posts, let’s just know how essentially In-App support proves helpful for both the Appreneurs and their users.

First of All, Why A User become Dormant or Uninstalls the App?
  1. As humans, we all silently leave when we are deprived of a good experience from something which we desired. That goes same with Apps and Users.
  2. The user may have got an instant desire for the app due to the Popularity of the Brand, but the poor experience might be a big let down.
  3. And what is the result? Some of the users leave negative reviews, just to pour out their frustration for wasting their time.
  4. So the ultimate effect is he jumps to another app which equips him well.
  5. Thus a user needs a well in-built support system which can handle his queries and issues in an effective way.
Now think, Why App developers need In-App Support?

Yes, mainly to know their Customer queries. So they can understand or get a clear picture of how their product works. Thus the Feature, helps to centralize their development process, as to make it easy for their users, to use and understand their product. But to come to the point, to highly minimize their Shortcomings and have an Active Customer Base.

How APertain In-App support helps App Developers to have Active Users?          
  • Our Instant Reply feature Makes sure your customers are heard at the right time and they might be very well appreciative of the quick response .
  • Also allows your users to speak through multiple options. (screenshots, file, an image etc).
  • Moreover, our Feature provides him/her with both online and offline option to stay connected with you.
  • The previous chats or the conversation history, gives them an option to view their previous tickets and the respective solution.
  • Additionally, our In-app Support Interface provides your users, the self support with the relevant FAQs. So he/she won’t be relying on you every time.

Altogether, it doesn’t matter how many users you bring on board, but how long you keep them as your customers, matter. So being smart enough to provide an effective support system available within their reach is important. Hence bring in the In-App support system and prioritize the queries and provide a great helping hand to ensure a smooth relationship with your users.