How popular apps are using Push Notifications to revive inactive users

Push Notifications are now the latest technology used to deliver the latest news in your device. It is also proving to be a game changer in driving an app revenue by reviving the dormant users.

So in this App driven world it is not a good news for you to know that your app is not making money anymore. Whether your app can remain dormant sitting in a corner in your user’s device or it has seriously found the pulse of your user, it all depends on how effective and useful your app is on a day to day basis. If your app is falling short, your user might reconsider to use your app.

But at the same time, you shouldn’t stress over on how to revive these dormant users. Instead you should focus on regaining their trust by constantly updating them on your upgrades and services. Because they are once your active customers who really liked your brand and service.

So the question is how to save your app from spring cleaning and how well you can bring them back to active mode?

The answer is Push Notifications. As stated in the beginning they are now your wild card to build your lost image again. So lets see how well you can use these PNs.

Remembering your Frequent Users

Send personalised messages to your inactive users. It shows you care much about them even though they have ditched you currently. Moreover it indicates how much you miss your customer and want them back. 

Re- targeting your Frequent Users

As you know, they are not your new users. Rather than showing interest in acquiring new users, increase your market by re-targeting your old users by sending the important updates they are missing or any attractive rewards or discounts you offer only for your old users. So they feel special and recognised.

Timing your Push Notifications

By analysing your dormant users past behaviour, you can know their user activity in and out the app. After analysing you can schedule your notifications so that it won’t necessarily irritate your user proving to be intrusive. The schedule can be even based on the particular day, date, time of the user’s location.

Geo Location Push

Creating a customised message for a particular dormant user will probably result in more engagement. That is to say, sending them messages which they can relate to like informing them about an offer given by his/her nearby restaurant. They might be expecting such offers and has a high probability of accepting the offer.

Using In-App Support

The main reason your active users becoming dormant might be because of lack of communication or support from you. Also failure of acknowledging your customers’ needs, leads to the abandonment of your app.  So use the in-app support feature for rendering your service internally. But at the end, don’t forget to update them about this feature  which will help you retain your lost customers.

Ending with, some points to note :
  • Don’t craft lengthy push notifications. Make them short and to the point.
  • Make them realise you are sending worthy notifications and not the one which is wasting their time.
  • Avoid messages which they can’t relate to them, which shows off as you don’t know your customers needs well.
  • Give them discounts from time to time or attractive coupons to not jump away from you.
  • Finally, make sure your in-app support covers all the queries. Try your best to provide instant solutions to their problems and keep up with your promises.