Happy Thanksgiving 2017

Thanksgiving is all about expressing gratitude toward all the beautiful things, you are blessed with. Today, we have a reason too, to express our gratitude for successfully reaching the milestone we set.

Yes, we are talking about our recent developed SaaS products, SOCAmps CRM and SOCAmps Live Chat.

This was possible mainly because of the unending support and encouragement, from our Kith and Kin.

We feel immense happiness in proclaiming our creations on this beautiful occasion. Without a doubt, we feel it hints our progress and that we are heading in the right direction.

Besides that, we are more honoured to Thank our Partners and Customers of Apertain.

They confidently acknowledged our goal of putting forth a good software service, to suit the current needs.

With all said, we assure our product APertain will deliver its promise of  leveraging its clients toward the Success Ladder.

Also, we would like to declare, that at no point, we would break the trust you have in us. As a software developing service, we are happy at sensing the current needs and delivering accordingly.

On a bidding note, We would like to wish Everyone, a very Happy Thanksgiving 2017 and thanking everyone with a big heart, for all the support.