How can you Increase App Downloads just with Rating Prompts

Every business needs positive ratings to grow! The same way, to improve your App downloads you have to depend upon the positive ratings. Only positive ratings will help you glow in the app store in this competitive market.

So how do you acquire positive ratings?

Only when an App developer maintains a good customer relationship with most of its users.

Because, maintaining a good customer relationship will make sure you have a more positive reviews on-board.  This automatically triggers an increase in your app download.

Lets see how important is this Rating scenario!

For example, when you open the app store for your current requirement of things, it quickly displays the top apps which has good ratings. Rest other apps with lowest ratings are listed below the top apps.

As you can predict, people don’t consider downloading the least rated apps. As it can indicate many things. Number one, not being so customer friendly, secondly maybe not a high quality app and third it won’t give you good user experience, etc.

As a result, these issues gives out a negative image which eventually make these apps vanish from the app store. Precisely the app developers wouldn’t want this situation. 

But with technology it is highly possible to reverse this situation.

Firstly, aim for an all star rating smartly i.e Making your customers contented.

Using the in-app support feature will stop a negative review getting placed in your app.

Here you will solve your users’ queries and problems inside the app.  Therefore you stop the user from pointing out their frustrations outside.

The one on one chat or the live chat works even more better. This will help you give them instant solutions and it will sure leave you a positive review.

Boost their self confidence which will make them give you positive rating in your app.

Even if a negative review has landed, don’t stress over it. Rather use it to your advantage. Because it will help you know where you lack and allow yourself to be updated about the current trends and solutions.

Therefore, Reviews are greatly dependent on your users and maintaining a happy customer base is the key to positive reviews.

Secondly, timing your prompt rightly.

It has become crucial when and how to ask for reviews.

So don’t be in a hurry to prompt for a review. Give enough space for the customers to learn about your app.

Because interrupting your customers in the middle way or constantly prompting for reviews often leads to a negative review.

Also getting to know your customer behaviour and emotions will help you find their good and bad moments.

Therefore the right time to prompt for a review is when your customers are happy and fully engaged. 

You can also very well use Push notifications.  They are the latest trend in technology to send customised messages. This indicate you are aware of the customers’ requirement and you take care of them too. This will land you a good bunch of positive reviews on the board.

Concluding, when you take care of the positive ratings, downloads follows.