Are you sure your App Push Notifications are not Intrusive and Leading to Bad user experience

App Push Notifications. Today let’s learn how Push Notifications are related to User Experience.

First a quick look on App Push Notifications.

App push notifications act like gentle reminders or a means to deliver content(updates or news) to your Smartphone devices. You are subscribing to this option by default, when you are installing an application. If you feel they are non essential, you can also withdraw from this option.


These days it’s been made imperative that, constant user engagement is a must, to maintain the momentum of a business and also to drive them.  Because, with more than a dozen apps in your user device, it is easy for your app to fall short or lose sight of your customer. So keeping him engaged and delivering your best, is all your app needs to keep you ahead of your competitors.

To meet this criteria, push notifications are introduced, to engage with the users on a day to day basis, even when the user is not active inside the app.

But, unfortunately, user engagement process is turning out to be a user intrusive process. Therefore it is necessary to maintain that thin line between engaging with the customers and filling up their device, invading their privacy.

So we know now how push notifications are related to user experience. But not to make them user intrusive, there are ways to effectively use them.

Segmenting your users

This is a great way to productively use your push icon. You can start by, analyzing your users’ past behavior and needs.  Thereafter, segment your users accordingly and push the content. So the tracking of their behavior, will make your app not intrusive and at the same time there is also less probability of discomforting your users. Thus initiate the campaign by segmenting your users. 

Scheduling the notifications.

As technology is advancing, there is more possibility of scheduling your notifications. Means, it gives the option for you for you to customize the messages and then time them accordingly. This way you take care of your users’ needs appropriately.

Targeting them by their location

Customers won’t be interested in notifications, which they can’t relate to. So stir their interest by updating them about what is happening in and around them.  It always gets a heads up. For Example –  notifications on an upcoming event in their locality, or a live sale with cool discounts or a themed restaurant has been opened near them. They will all seem to be interesting.

Simple notifications

Last but not the least, always keep it simple. A simple and a clear message score more points. But at the same time, you can also be creative with your messages. Let them be on their fitness, diet, their progress or to cheer them up, some fun videos or a few positive quotes to make their day.

So even if it is timed wrongly, it won’t feel much intrusive. Hence make them feel your notifications are fun,cool and useful at the same time.  Users will be always around you.


At the end of the day, all they want is to have an easy and functional app, to make their life much easier. So avoid complicating things. Just Keep it simple and short! Finally, Plan your campaigns and push your notifications accordingly.

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