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User Engagement using APertain


Creating an app is just like a “Child’s Play” but it becomes successful only when you drive in customers and keep them “active” by maintaining a good rapport with them. To be more clear, here comes the concept of “User Engagement”. User Engagement is nothing but making the free trial users to long-term committed customers and to turn certain “dormant” committed customers to “active” by certain possible ways like welcome messages, push notifications, dormant user rekindling messages and user onboarding feature to promote call to action within the app.



Known psychological fact is that the human brain’s attention span is 8 seconds, and it is believed that any typical customer in social media comes across 10,000+ marketing messages each day.

So what do you do to stand out from the crowd? Make your app as personalized as possible.

There is always a line between a mobile app and a website. Being more user friendly, the appealing features and the quick loading time, makes the customers to move from website to mobile application. Hence it becomes mandatory to treat them like a king for you to stay on top of this competitive tech zone. Also note that, most of the “to-do” or “reminder” apps require less user engagement as the potential customers use it in regular basis whereas features like user onboarding and push notifications becomes essential as in the case of “invoicing apps”.



Do you have parameters to measure user engagement? Yes of course.

Let’s take a look at it.

  • First comes active users. It is counted based on number of users logged in to the app daily, weekly and monthly basis.
  • Second, number of sessions. This is nothing but number of times the app is logged in to by the user, calculated for a particular time period.
  • Third, session length. This is the time period taken by the user to open and close the app.
  • Fourth, session interval. This is the time interval between the app visits by the user.
  • Fifth, time in app. This is the amount of time the user spends on your app.
  • Sixth, screenflow. This calculates, the user’s visits, exits and the navigation from screen to screen in your app.
  • Seventh, retention rate. Percentage of users active on the app calculated between sign-up and certain time period.
  • Eighth, lifetime value. This is the total net profit derived from the long-term relationship with the customer.
  • Ninth, interactions. This is calculated from the call to action strategy and the users’ response to it.
  • Tenth, opt ins and opt outs. This is the measure of percentage of users accepting the notifications and signing in and rejecting the notifications.



Apertain is a mobile SDK to embed within your app aiming to increase active users and maintain long-term relationship with potential customers using striking features like:

  • Greeting Users with welcome messages to drive in new users and user onboarding UI to guide them how to use your app.
  • Engaging Users via In-App Support for better user experience and Smart Rating Prompt to get users’ valuable feedback for you to improve.
  • Retaining Users through push notifications and drip campaigns in order to make the dormant customers active again as each and every customer is valuable.



Apertain being SaaS saves your time and resources by making it simple by embedding within your app rather than going for a third party member for creating user engagement tools or having your own team again that also proves to be a tedious process. You can also share the experience of using Apertain with your circle via social media like Whatsapp, FB, Twitter and the like.

Apertain been awarded “The most promising SDK of the year 2015” by Global Mobile App Summit and Awards (GMASA) assures to increase the active users and promising growth for your business.



Report from “appboy” states that ideas like user onboarding, customer feedback, push notifications and in-app support drives in permanent customers and there is a 200% hike in active users. Hence, the customers shouldn’t be taken for granted. Value them. It gives promising growth in your business. So what should you do for a promising growth?

Concentrate on User Engagement. Now how do you do it?

It’s time to turn wise. If you agree with me, CLICK BELOW.



Precious is one of the Founding members of JKL Technologies & A(P)ertain. Its his question of Why not? which gave birth to A(P)ertain. He is a prolific coder with strong expertise in Android & User Experience Design. His idea of doctoring or architecting for various Users with various tastes gave birth to better guidance for specific Users with different usage patterns was the stepping stone for Customer Engagement Tools inside A(P)ertain.