TechInAsia Jakarta

TechInAsia Jakarta

APertain in TechInAsia Jakarta:

The TechInAsia Jakarta conference conducted on 16 Nov – 17 Nov of 2016 is the fifth annual event in Jakarta. More than 5300 people gathered for the Event, mostly (around 91%) from Indonesia and the small but significant number from other countries. This event helps the startups get introduced the Tech Startup Industry. During the Event, we had put up a Bootstrap Alley Stall to provide insight into APertain and how it would be helpful for the Mobile Developers business.

Bootstrap Alley:

Bootstrap Alley is the real meaning behind TechInAsia Event. It provides a brilliant and affordable opportunity to showcase new and exciting Tech to fellow audience from varied field of expertise. Our stall for APertain was put up in the second day of the Event, so we spent a lot of time networking and socializing with lots of Mobile Developers in the first day. The Stall provided us a wonderful opportunity to showcase and demo the features of APertain such as, User Onboarding, Smart Rating Prompts to increase positive ratings and reviews, interactive In-App Support, Smart Push Notifications etc., We also showcased how APertain will helpful to increase App Active Users and thus increase their bottom line. It is an honour to launch User Onboarding via TechInAsia to our market.

Speed dating:

Our APertain team was also able to schedule various Speed Dating Meetings with the relevant Venture Capital Investors. Being our first time pitching our idea to prospective investors, we were pretty nervous. But the VC Teams & the TechInAsia volunteers eased our pain with meticulous scheduling and intelligent mentoring. We were quiet the pick of the crowd as we were shown multiple interests to get subsequent meetings and were very happy to oblige. Thanks for TechInAsia Team to have arranged such a wonderful and memorable event for us.

Jay from APertain in Speed Dating at TechInAsia Jakarta
Jay from APertain in Speed Dating at TechInAsia Jakarta


Any Tour to Indonesia without a fun tour is like all work and no play. We didn’t want to be Jack and went on a hop-on-hop-off type of City Tour of Jakarta. Then we also had a week long tour of Bali, Indonesia. Should say that the trip of Indonesia was one of the most memorable ones in my entire life and am looking forward to visiting it again. Meanwhile, we are trying to inplace for the Singapore leg of TechInAsia, provided our other commitments are not keeping us very busy.
See you soon TechInAsia.


Precious is one of the Founding members of JKL Technologies & A(P)ertain. Its his question of Why not? which gave birth to A(P)ertain. He is a prolific coder with strong expertise in Android & User Experience Design. His idea of doctoring or architecting for various Users with various tastes gave birth to better guidance for specific Users with different usage patterns was the stepping stone for Customer Engagement Tools inside A(P)ertain.