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APertain Mobile User Onboarding

What is Mobile User Onboarding?

Mobile User Onboarding is a very broad term defined in a very complex sense by many analysts and experts. But all they want to convey is to ensure First App Usage from a Mobile User.

Simply put, a Mobile User browses the App Store, downloads an App and uses it for the first time. The first two steps belong to the Marketing department. The last step to ensure the User accesses the App for the very first time is the most crucial step on any App. You can throw money and get the first two step done, but no matter how much you spend the first use of the App is in the control of the user and it is always determined by him.

Why is there a need for Mobile User Onboarding?

This is the fun part of User Onboarding. The fact remains that the User has shown interest in an App by downloading after searching through millions of Apps available in the App Store, so why won’t the user access the App and get onboarded.

There are some reasons for why this doesn’t happen:

  1. If the App is large in size (> 10 MB) the download takes time, thus when it is installed and ready for use, the user is already on something else
  2. Most of the time, App installs in background – so if the user gets a message or any other distraction – probably they lose attention and focus on something else
  3. After installation your App gets lost in the 100 Apps they have already installed
  4. Due to small attention span, your App gets forgotten. Seeing the icon they don’t even remember installing your App
  5. Your ASO App Name in Store vs the actual App Name in Device differs

There may be several other reasons, but installing an App doesn’t mean that it will be used. Even if the App is used once, it is not a guarantee that the User will return back to the App the second time. Our own research as well as research done by global giants say that there are probably 1 in 4 people who abandon Apps after first use. That is around 25% people abandoning the App. Our own research stats say that around 80% of the installs are either uninstalled or remain dormant users and get cleaned up with Cleaning Apps such as Clean Master. This is an alarming number and has to be addressed actively by App Developers.

How to make sure Mobile Users are Onboarded & Retained?

When we were pondering on the solution for the above, one of my colleagues got an e-mail from a SaaS Application we had been using. Which was just a newsletter introducing new features about the product. We were surprised why this App was sending us newsletter over newsletter and we were joking whether this guy has spent more than what he started earning with our SaaS User Account. Then we noticed that there was a new feature which was announced on the newsletter which suited one of our needs. It just hit us like a nail and got stuck with us.

What if the same concept can be replicated for the Mobile Apps? How would we do this? How this can enable new users as well as dormant users get active again on the Mobile App? These questions came rushing through and as Mobile Developers we found the value in this immediately.

What we Did?

  1. Welcome Message for App
  2. Drip Push Notification Campaigns
  3. Dormant User Rekindling Message
  4. User Onboarding User Interface

Welcome Message for App:

This is nothing but providing the User with a small message Welcoming him to App User fold. This shows the Developer or Publisher’s attentiveness shown towards the User and also enhances the ability to have a first everlasting impression on the User. While doing such positive connection with the User it also reminds the User that they have installed an App for a purpose and they can start using the App. Please note that, to show this message the User doesn’t need to use the App once. This is a message to enable the User to use the App the first time.

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Drip Push Notification Campaigns:

This Push Notification campaign is similar to Drip e-mail campaigns we provide as a SaaS or WebSite developer to our visitors or users. Similar Campaigns can be run from the APertain Console to the fresh Users of the App. This enables the Users come back again and again to the App and increases the active User count of your App.

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Dormant User Rekindling Message:

Similar to Welcome Push Notification Message, this is a message sent to Dormant Users based on their in-active app usage. This can be configured as a period of days, weeks or months of non-usage of the App.

Rekindling Dormant Users

User Onboarding User Interface:

This interface is a Welcome User Interface for an App which can guide the User what to do when they first enter the App. Thus enabling the best walk-through of the product as well as guide the Users through to complete the relevant call to action within the App.

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This is just the beginning, APertain is dedicated to using its User Engagement Tools to enhance & increase Active Users for the App. The primary vision of the APertain Mobile Customer Engagement Platform is to ease the way App Developers engage with their Customers, thus paving the way for increased Active Users & thus a better business/revenue model for the Developer.

Not only the above tools, We at APertain have planned to follow the latest trends to add more User Engagement Tools as well as create a User Engagement Trend ourselves such that our Developers are always ready to take the challenge of User Engagement.

A(P)ertain Team

A(P)ertain Team provides good insight into the team behind A(P)ertain and also a great insight into how A(P)ertain came to be. The Team also provides market research on why there is a need for products such as A(P)ertain and how Mobile Developers can achieve their goals by using such tools.