APertain - The Mobile Customer Engagement Platform

APertain – The Mobile Customer Engagement Platform

APertain – The Mobile Customer Engagement Platform

What is APertain?

APertain is a Mobile Customer Engagement Platform.

Basically APertain is a Mobile SDK which integrates with Mobile Apps and adds User Engagement Features from within the App.

What are User Engagement Features?

User Engagement Features are features which make the User get Engaged with the Mobile App to come back to the App again and again. They are tools such as User Onboarding, Smart Rating Prompts, In-App Support, Push Notifications, User Behavioural Analytics, In-App Survey, Social Share etc.,

Why does an App need User Engagement Features?

As App Publishers/Developers we spend a lot of money to bring Users to our App. We work on word-of-mouth, CPIs, Conversions, etc., But after we get a User inside the App, what do we do to make sure they come back again and again.

Do you know that when the User is not engaged, they tend to become dormant and eventually don’t even know why an App is inside their phone in the first place.

User Engagement Features enable Users to come back to the App, make sure they know about the App time and again and increases the number of Daily & Monthly Active Users. When you have more Active Users, your business model, such as In-App purchases, Ads, etc are enhanced and you increase your overall revenue.

If User Engagement is that much necessary, why not I do it as part of my App Development?

Yes, User Engagement is that much necessary & by far you should do it as part of your App development. But alas, when you need a particular user engagement feature, developing such an item is not just inefficient usage of your critical resources, but you also tend to build tools which are very generic which tend to differ from your core app development. Moreover, to keep up to date with the latest User Engagement trends, you tend to build a separate team which still costs you a lot more of your precious resources.

So, What do I do?

The best way is to embrace User Engagement Tools which are available in the open market and enhance them to suit your App. APertain is one such platform, it not only unifies various User Engagement Tools in a simple package, it also upgrades regularly and integrates with minimal coding in the App to keep up to date on User Engagement Trends. APertain reduces the time to Go To Market with all the User Engagement Features, and also enables you to be on par with the latest trends of User Engagement. APertain also provides you simple configuration, scheduling, user behavioral analysis, custom APIs etc., and lets you worry about your App alone.

How do I Register for APertain?

That’s a wonderful question to ask, just follow the URL here and register to integrate APertain on your App.

I have integrated the Android SDK, I also have an iOS App What shall I do?

Glad that you have integrated your Android App, please bear with us for a few more weeks for iOS integration.

How is APertain Priced?

APertain is priced based on the Monthly Active Users of your App. This is done to make sure you see the growth of integrating our User Engagement Features as well as the reason for us to grow as your App and its active install base grows. Here is the detailed pricing information.

APertain Pricing

NOTE: We do ask you to be on an Advanced Plan (Pro) if you would like to use some of our Advanced Features.

Isn’t APertain Pricing too Low?

When compared to competition, Yes, our pricing is low – but as part of the Mobile Developers Community, we felt we had to price APertain in the right spirit such that future growth of the Mobile Developer is not hindered. As your App grows and necessitate increase in value, you are bound to upgrade to an advanced plan soon. We have seen more of our Free Plan Customers upgrade to the Paid plans sooner than they thought was possible, which was solely because of User Engagement Features they integrated.

Any Offer Available on the Pricing?

Yes, indeed there is an initial offer of up to 50% Discount for the early-bird customers (planning on having this up for the first 10 Paid Customers on July 2016) on their first invoice (i.e., the first official invoice to be paid by that Customer – more savings if you pay a yearly contract or a 2 year contract).

APertain Introductory Offer

We had the offer exclusively for registrations from GMASA 2016, and are extending it to first 10 customers (evaluation customers who initiate payment) from any marketing channel right now!



Jay is Founder of A(P)ertain, a mobile customer engagement platform & JKL Technologies, a SaaS & Mobile Apps Development firm. When working with Mobile Apps for JKL, he identified the necessity of a generous & effective customer engagement platform. Thus the birth of A(P)ertain. His hobbies range from Cricket, Listening to Music with eyes closed to watching Movies (especially Sci-Fi, 007 & Superhero ones).