Mobile Apps Need Customer Engagement

Why do Mobile Apps need a Customer Engagement Platform?

Customer Engagement – Does it Provide User Retention? YES!

Nearly 1 in 4 people abandon mobile apps after only one use (, this is an article which ran in TechCrunch Yesterday (31st May 2016)! Basically this article provides a great insight into how Customer Engagement provides more App Usage & User Retention.

This is a scary trend in Mobile App Market (both Android & iOS) in the past few years, the Users just forget when they download an App that they either use them only once or don’t use them at all.

So it’s obvious, any Mobile App needs Customer Engagement!

The TechCrunch article also mentions, User Retention & App Usage increases when there is a Push Notification or In-App Chat introduced with the App. To quote verbatim from the TechCrunch article,

In particular, apps in the middle stage of their growth (between 15,000 and 50,000 monthly active users), saw the strongest lift with retention and abandonment, the report also noted. This is attributed to these apps’ use of push notifications, in-app messages, email, and remarking. While push notifications have always been cited as a way to retain users, in-app messages also have a notable impact – these messages improve users retention to 46 percent, the study found.

To support this article is the Statistics Report published in – Embedded for your reference below:

Customer Engagement Causes User Retention: Statistic: Global Mobile App retention Rate for first 6 Months, Jun 2015, No of App Sessions by User
Find more statistics at Statista

So as a Mobile App Developer, you need Customer Engagement to make sure your hard-earned User (For High User Acquisition Cost – refer this Quora Answer) is actually using the App and thus contributing to the business model of your App, either Ad Supported or Paid.

If you are an App Developer who offers your App for Free with Ad Supported Version or In-App Purchases, then you definitely need Customer Engagement.

If you are an App Developer who provides a Paid App, then, you also need Customer Engagement to make sure your Users recommend your App to their friends & thus decreasing your Cost of Acquisition.

Don’t just worry about bringing users to download your App, also make sure you address their requirements and are able to get in touch with them easily through your App itself.

You need Customer Engagement Tools such as,

  1. Smart Rating Prompts – which enable word-of-mouth in the Google Play Store & Apple App Store
  2. In-App Support – to address User concerns and queries about your App
  3. Push Notifications – to keep your Users coming back for more of your App
  4. In-App Survey – to collect your User’s opinion on your App

Your App is your own Marketing Tool – Don’t Miss it!

See more about how to do more of this at

A very engaging article written by our friends at Localytics should also be read for a more detailed knowledge on the latest Mobile Customer Engagement crisis & how to go about resolving it.

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