Customer Interactions – The Goal, The Necessity & A(P)ertain

Customer Interactions – The Goal

All of us know that Customer Interactions or shall I dare say Customer Engagement is vital for any Mobile App or Website. Customer Interactions have time and again have been defined as the actual interaction which a customer makes. You can create Customer Engagement but if your customer or user is not willing to go through with it, there is no specific interaction. Like for example, you can add an in-app support chatter, but if the user doesn’t use it, there is no Customer Interaction.

Customer Interactions – The Necessity

You need the User to click on the Smart Rating Prompt to rate your App. You need the User to add a Feedback on Smart Feedback Prompt to provide feedback on your App. You need the User to react to the Push Notification. You need the User to send in a support request.

Hence, you need successful Interactions for a successful Customer Engagement to happen.

So if you need this to happen, if you are hampered by limitations on your pricing plan on Customer Interactions, is it right to do so? No, Never.

Customer Interactions – NO LIMITS

That’s why there is no limitations on Customer Interactions on A(P)ertain. We would want you to put your best foot forward with your Customer and be successful. We need you to grow organically and become a major user of A(P)ertain Mobile Customer Engagement Platform. We don’t want you to worry about any limitation in our plans. We at A(P)ertain guarantee you that no matter what, your Customer’s Interactions are not going to be hindered because you didn’t choose a particular plan. We are here to serve you to be prompt with your Customers – that’s a Scout’s Honor promise.

APertain Provides Unlimited Customer Interactions
APertain Provides Unlimited Customer Interactions

Please try out A(P)ertain and enjoy our fantabulous Customer Experience. Click here to Register Today!

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Jay is Founder of A(P)ertain, a mobile customer engagement platform & JKL Technologies, a SaaS & Mobile Apps Development firm. When working with Mobile Apps for JKL, he identified the necessity of a generous & effective customer engagement platform. Thus the birth of A(P)ertain. His hobbies range from Cricket, Listening to Music with eyes closed to watching Movies (especially Sci-Fi, 007 & Superhero ones).