How User Engagement can Increase your Revenue

How User Engagement can Increase your Revenue

All Apps continue to do to increase their revenue is increase App Downloads, increase positive reviews, increase marketing to get more users using the product and so on and so forth. In this fast paced App economy we are always focused on how to get more eyeballs into our App and how to increase presence in this market, we tend to forget about who have already been onboarded into our App. That’s where User Engagement comes in.

User Engagement

What is User Engagement? User Engagement is a way to enable User to get back to your App or website regularly such that they get the benefit of taking part and be gratified in using your App or website.

Why do we need User Engagement? If you leave it for the user to be able to come back to your website or App when they feel like it, you are probably leaving your life to fate. It is highly unlikely you are a Calendar App which actually is very sticky or an Instagram or the Phone Caller App without using that App the user is probably not using the phone as they intend it to be. So to enable user to come back to the App at regular intervals remains your responsibility and not the users’. User Engagement is making sure your user is always prone to using your App. If you can make your App that much stickier and prone to more usage, voila you have got an instant winner.

What type of User Engagement is vital? User Engagement is actually consists of two types of engagement.

  1. To let the Users come to the App again (creating sticky users)
  2. Make sure the Users are satisfied within the App

User Engagement to Create Sticky Users:

One of the biggest challenges for an App Developer is to create a loyal set of Users who come back to the App again and again. These App Users make sure you have a higher DAUs(Daily Active Users) and MAUs(Monthly Active Users).

How the Active Users Benefit an App? Active Users of a Free App supported by Ads provide the necessary impressions and clicks relevant to the Ads served. These create a brilliant revenue opportunity for the App Developer. Active Users also provide increased insight and analysis to what makes the App tick among its users. Active Users of a Paid App also provide us the reason why this App should remain Paid and not run with the wild list of Free Apps.

How to Increase Active Users? Did you ever see that your App is getting a tons of downloads but your analytics shows the active users numbers very close to just your downloads and nothing much. Then my friend you are caught in the install it, use it once and forget it list of Apps. It is not that your App is not relevant for the Users, they just did not remember that an App is there in their Phone anymore. So make sure you engage such users with a Push Notification reminding of your App which creates more Active Users. Don’t just take my word for it, one of my customers increased their Daily & Monthly Active Users by around 150% by sending a Daily Push Notification asking the users to open the App and complete an Action within their App Daily.

User Engagement to Create Satisfied Users:

To create satisfied users within the App has varied aspects, I would just cover a few processes to make this article short.

User Onboarding: Most of the Apps think that the Users are smart enough to follow everything on their own. So creating a small process of User onboarding is simply unheard of. You can see that the most popular Apps have started using a Card based slideshow at the beginning to make sure the user is onboarded within the App very easily and shortly to make sure Users don’t find it more difficult to navigate within the App.

User Support: In-App Support is getting popular, but traditionally the support is relegated to the backend via an e-mail or a phone number. Does this type of support relevant to this smartphone era. No, certainly not. In-App Support is one such modern innovation where the User need not go anywhere else to share their support requests. This creates an instant gratification for the User and also the Developers can easily engage on a much more scalable platform with the User. This type of User Engagement is going to increase Positive User Experience within the App and contribute to much more positive reviews of the App.

Smart Rating & Feedback Prompts: We are sure by now that when you ask a User to engage with the App they are ready to do so, so are their feedback and reviews. When you ask for them they are ready to give them to you or the public. But just asking for review or feedback is not the ideal way to garner positive reviews. So to identify when to do this, you need to add a recorder of User Behaviour which can provide you the apt time to ask for review or feedback. So you need Smart Rating Prompts, not just rating prompts. This can enable more positive ratings and reviews from your Users, thus paving way for more Users visiting and downloading your App.
We believe we have made our point that User Engagement is a vital part of App Development and thus when it increases the number of Users discovering your App and also taking part in the App experience, it in turn increases your bottom line which is the revenue generated from your App.


Precious is one of the Founding members of JKL Technologies & A(P)ertain. Its his question of Why not? which gave birth to A(P)ertain. He is a prolific coder with strong expertise in Android & User Experience Design. His idea of doctoring or architecting for various Users with various tastes gave birth to better guidance for specific Users with different usage patterns was the stepping stone for Customer Engagement Tools inside A(P)ertain.