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APertain and SaaSx – The People, The Growth, The Journey

As the dust slowly settles down on yet another successful SaaSx event, I thought it’s just right enough to ponder on the people it has inspired, the growth it has garnered and the journey it has taken. In the past one-and-a-half years there has been 3 SaaSx events & it has been so for APertain too. APertain and SaaSx grew bigger & bolder in each of their respective journeys. SaaSx has incorporated stuff which any Entrepreneur will dream to be part off. And it is a boon for each and every SaaS Founder.

BTW – for those who don’t know what I am blabbering about, SaaS means Software as a Service, and to say it in a gist the SaaSx groups is a group of founders of the products which are available on the cloud accessible anytime, anywhere, any device through internet.

The SaaSx!

SaaSx is the ultimate event around these SaaS Product Founders where we mingle, discuss and learn a few things everything related to how to become the next Unicorn SaaS Startup. We are ably guided by Poster Boys of SaaS Startups, FreshDesk, KissFlow, ChargeBee, WebEngage, (just to name a few).

SaaSx3 participants vary from guys who have been in business for 20 years to Founders who just started coding a month ago in their garage (or home). Such a varied audience with various challenges such as,

  1. How do I get my first Customer
  2. Is my Website working or looking fine
  3. How to convert the tons of visitors coming to my website into Leads -> Potentials -> Customers
  4. How do I manage the Growth of my internal-sales team?
  5. How to generate more inbound Leads?
  6. How to crack an enterprise customer for my product?
  7. How do I raise funding?
  8. How do I increase my MRR
  9. & so on and so forth.

SaaSx has concentrated on providing answers for the above and much much more. It has grown from just a 50 member attendee list to over 250 attendees attending the event. It has introduced sessions which are uncommon for conferences such as

  1. One Thing: Which concentrates on Founders exposing the One Thing they did this past year which has resulted in better conversion rates, better lead generation or better whatever which happened in their product.
  2. UnConference: From the first year the event was run in an UnConference mode where focus was on participation of members that only a few.
  3. Round Tables: Introduced to concentrated discussion by participants on what needs to be done for a common goal. This year I attended the one which helps us grow from 1000$ to 100,000$ MRR.
  4. Product Tear Down: Which tore down a few promising products to provide splendid insights into what makes a SaaS product tick. The founders’ take away was feedback from a slew of SaaS Product experts who have mastered themselves the art of SaaS through their own trial & errors. This was a master-stroke introduced in this SaaSx3 event which gave takeaways not only to the Founders who participated on the Tear Down, but also each and every founder sitting inside that room.
  5. Last but not the Least, the best thing in the meet was the learnings presented by Girish. Each and every SaaSx event to hear Girish speak his heart out (after getting his Board’s permission of course) about what happened at FreshDesk in a given timeframe which gave great results is simply staggering. As he informed us not to let any of his private data out, we all are refraining from revealing too much details. But you know what, because we attended the event we all know what went on FreshDesk when he crossed several milestones. That was one of the best things about SaaSx.

If you have read till this, I know you are pretty excited about SaaSx and would like to join in. So if you are an entrepreneur – watch this space for more details on the next event – or follow me on my Facebook Page.

APertain and SaaSx

So, now a shameless plug, if you are still reading this and are a Mobile First company who use a  Mobile App to reach your customers, make sure you integrate A(P)ertain In-App Support/Survey to reach your customers directly. A(P)ertain is a Mobile Customer Engagement Platform, where we provide you with User Engagement Tools to engage with your Users and maximize their use of your Mobile App. APertain is both a SaaS product as well as a Mobile product, the recent trend is to align this into a Mobile SaaS product. APertain is for Mobile First companies which reach their customers through the palm of their hand.

Let us meet on the next SaaSx!


Precious is one of the Founding members of JKL Technologies & A(P)ertain. Its his question of Why not? which gave birth to A(P)ertain. He is a prolific coder with strong expertise in Android & User Experience Design. His idea of doctoring or architecting for various Users with various tastes gave birth to better guidance for specific Users with different usage patterns was the stepping stone for Customer Engagement Tools inside A(P)ertain.