Easter Greetings

Easter – Ruthlessness against all Odds

When I recollect the events leading upto Easter Sunday, I only remember one thing, the biggest resolve a human being can have against all Odds. The biggest faith which can carry off carrying that resolve. Most of us dont actually gravitate towards the sacrifice which led to that fateful day which we mourn as Good Friday.

The level of standards of suffering one had to endure to make that ultimate sacrifice finally is not even on record. The period in which this happened dictates that to appease the crowd wanting blood the authorities would have left no stone unturned. But still the crowd wanted the Life to be taken in the most excruciatingly painful manner through the next few days.

Yes, crucifixion was one of the most insane way to take a Life as it involved suffering of the person involved to be in pain through broken bones, through birds doing their bidding on the bodies and its parts, through loss of blood, through dehydration, through sheer broken spirit and what else and what not.

So to say if this role He had to play, if could have been avoided, He would have been little bit relieved, but not according to His will, but only according to Gods Will. But it was never to be, because mankind was drowning in its own plight of sin & wrong-doings, that if it was left to survive on its own – we wouldnt have seen the light of the day. It was the sacrifice of one Man which changed it all. He was a Man who came from his Father – who became the Holy Spirit.

He conquered Death, He conquered Satan, He conquered everything to become the Living God we know Him off as. Rejoice this is a day for Happiness. But remember the sacrifice behind it and the Hope it has laid for us to follow.

Happy Easter!


The gist of what we have to take away from all of this is not just Hope, Faith & spiritual guidance, but also the need to let go. Never obsess over anything, if it is for you it will turn up. Nothing happens in this world according to your will, it occurs according to His Will.

If you are to become an Engineer, nothing can stop you from becoming one. I have met people who had failed in Tenth Grade or even Twelfth grade, but still managed to become a damn good Engineer. The destiny is not shaped by your Free Will, the journey is. So if you are tough on following His Will, you will be cajoled, hit, rammed, battered, made into shape and finally accept His Will.

So do Let it Go! You are in Good Hands. And that my friends is the ultimate Faith!


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