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Holi – The festival of Colors

The festival of Colors – Life is a festival of Colors. You turn into various colors based on your current feelings, sentiments, emotions. Your color can vary due to anger, hunger, love, passion, lust, compassion, irritation, frustration, adventure, scary, wanting, giving, taking, snatching.

Emotions are the undercurrent of all our Life’s happenings. We are always told to create a positive vibe between people. Our ancestors have also wanted us to be with positive energy and with people who radiate positive energy. That’s why they invented festivals. Which is a culmination of various generations of human beings who all begin to generate a huge positive energy in a single day.

We could have been haunted by the happenings of our Life, but for that particular day we are free – we express ourselves in an emotionally positive manner. We eat good food, try to wear new clothes, provide or receive pleasantries with the people among us. Just plain and simple we improve ourselves for that particular day.

This is our simple message, let us all start expressing ourselves in a positive manner – let us start from this Festival of Colors to increase the positivity in our Life. Let us celebrate Life as it is and color ourselves with what it throws at us.

Holi Hai..!


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