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A(P)ertain, Mobile Customer Engagement Platform, on Be A Change YCE Meetup

Be A Change – Young Champ Entrepreneurs (YCE) meetup happened on 19th March 2016, Saturday from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM, at IITM Research Park, Chennai. Nearly hundred Entrepreneurs, Business owners, Investors, Mentors came forward to build an ecosystem that enhances the power of entrepreneurship in Chennai.

We as a Young IT firm, showcased our flagship product A(P)ertain – Mobile Customer Engagement Platform. Though requested to end at 10 mins, out presentation ran well far from 15 mins and was allowed some leeway because of the love the audience showed. Many of the entrepreneurs started to dissect and provide insights into A(P)ertain and its business model. And also few strong interests were shown with an overall positive vibe towards A(P)ertain. We are looking for more Mobile Developers to integrate A(P)ertain in their Android Apps and make use of all the Customer Engagement Tools at their disposal.

One prominent question from the audience was why we allow Free usage of A(P)ertain upto 5000 Monthly Active Users of a publisher’s Mobile Apps. We responded saying that most of the App Developers are not able to scale more than 500 Monthly Active Users because they don’t use Customer Engagement Tools. When they start using A(P)ertain they would easily scale more than 5000 Monthly Active Users, hence the number.

Special thanks to Mr. Bharathiraja for the invitation. The meeting was well organized and conducted in a professional way. Congratulations to all the speakers especially NewsDrizzle, Inspire Networks, Seconds Mart, GUVI, Cause A Change, & much much more. We had good time Open Networking with the crowd.

A hearty wishes to the team Be A Change and we will continue support for the upcoming Young Champ Entrepreneurs meetups.


Precious is one of the Founding members of JKL Technologies & A(P)ertain. Its his question of Why not? which gave birth to A(P)ertain. He is a prolific coder with strong expertise in Android & User Experience Design. His idea of doctoring or architecting for various Users with various tastes gave birth to better guidance for specific Users with different usage patterns was the stepping stone for Customer Engagement Tools inside A(P)ertain.