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How InApp Support is Driving User Engagement in Mobile Apps?

Mobile User Engagement encompasses user communication that begins with user’s first contact with the Mobile App till its lifetime engagement. User communication is part of user engagement and critical for its success. Mobile App Developers have to get this piece right to engage users better and bigger. So, here we have put together what makes­ “User Engagement” so critical and how Mobile App developers can get it right to stay ahead.

support-chat-latestMobile App developers today have various choices when it comes to providing channels for user communication and engagement. Among these, the most effective are:

InApp Support

A better way to engage user is to have a means of creating and continuing a conversation with users where you want them to be. Users today are quick to react and their perception of inapp support means the response is ‘Instant’. If you are failing to engage user at the right time, chances leads to ‘no use of App’, uninstall or even worse ‘Bad Reviews & Ratings’. Hence, it is better to provide a means of interaction between the user and the developer within the mobile app which is quick and timely.

A(P)ertain provides a simple yet effective interface similar to a messaging  interface to resolve this particularly paining problem. It provides a great way to communicate with the users and keeping track of common problems such that they can be solved in future updates. Some of the noted features of A(P)ertain InApp Support are:

1. Instant Reply

Reply to the customer/user instantly. Mobile InApp Support allows you to respond to every queries/feedback sent by the customer/user directly through your mobile App review. Also instant response makes the customer/user feel their queries can be answered anytime.

2. Get Notified

The Reply posted, can be downloaded automatically when the user opens the App/Game and gets notified. Since the message notification is placed, the user doesn’t need to check for the reply every time when he/she enters the app.

3. Offline Chat

The reply sent will not be discarded, rather is loaded in a form of conversation; this allows the user to view the conversation at any time. Moreover App Support can be in a form of a conversation between the user/customer and a developer which provide the developer the history with a customer. Messages sent while offline will be automatically uploaded as the user gets online.

In-App Survey

Regarded as the second most effective tool for ‘User Engagement’, Targeted In-App Surveys offers a great opportunity to gather information related to User desired features. This is the most sought out option for Product Management considering the high response rates as compared to other channels likes Reviews and Online Surveys etc. With In-App Surveys option at hand, developers can obtain Mobile App Workflow

  • Quantitative information like market research,
  • Qualitative data like feature request/suggestions.

This helps developers easily identify customer pain points as well as evaluate the demand for upcoming/proposed features and customize the App to for better user engagement.

Custom Workflow

Custom workflow refers to having Mobile App workflow ‘customized’ per user requirements. Top mobile App developers have been achieving this by making use of ‘Context Marketing’. Context marketing is all about identifying the need of the user and delivering it in the best possible way. Hence, it is a collective bunch of following activities working as one engine with a one motive of “Giving the Best User Experience”:

  • Delivering right message,
  • To the right user,
  • Using the right channel,
  • At  the right place and
  • At the right time

Context marketing offers an opportunity for mobile marketers to better connect with customers to create a truly personalized customer experience by connecting the dots of:

  • Analytics,
  • Customer insights, and
  • Content

In doing so, they can segment and group their fans and their critics individually and address/message each group differently – encouraging fans to provide a review while engaging critics to address their concerns and turn them into your product advocates forever.

A(P)ertain delivers it painlessly. We have added a default Pertain Engine for taking pertaining  decisions during the user interactions in the Mobile App/Game. A highly powerful & customized Pertain Engine provides decisions based on the user behavioral parameters as recorded for each user of the App/Game. Whenever a significant event occurs, App can update developer’s own custom parameters and their respective values. The parameters can be incremental, cumulative, and existential.

Based on the recorded or to be recorded parameters the developers can define their own custom workflow. The Pertain Engine then executes the workflow to provide you with an option to provide:

  • Offers, Deals for that particular User
  • Help to overcome a situation in the App
  • Hints to enable creative ways out of a jam user has painted him into
  • Next Stop, Ads, etc.,

About A(P)ertain

Apertain is the Mobile Customer Engagement Platform which is necessary for every mobile developer, but don’t have the resources to build & maintain one. Smart Push Notifications, Smart Rating Prompts, User Behavioral App Analytics, InApp Support, Smart Feedback Prompts, In-App Surveys, Upgrade Message, Pertain Engine,etc . Apertain wants to provide the equal opportunity to every publisher to have instant access to enterprise-level at an affordable price.

Hope you find the information insightful that will help you increase ‘User Engagement’ for your mobile apps. Why don’t you let us know what else is being done by you to enhance ‘User Engagement’? Leave us a comment about it below.
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Amit is a prolific blogger and a hard core marketer. He is into stuff which engages people and obviously he is a Biz Development guy. As VP, he has pioneered what he terms as the Customer Engagement Program which has shaped various Customer Engagement Tools deployed within A(P)ertain. His insights on recording User Perception & Experiences have paved a great path for A(P)ertain.