How to drive traffic to App or Mobile site using Paid Media

Mobile has changed the landscape and has become the favorite tool for all kind of activities. Mobile is being used for playing games, social activities, shopping, reading news, watching television and what not.

Now, almost everyone is on mobile and this presents a great opportunity for marketers to tap into their user base using mobile marketing as a channel. With a careful combination of quality and control, mobile communication can be used as a greatest marketing tool using POEM – Paid, Owned & Earned Media.

In this series of marketing channels, we will highlight best marketing channels available for Mobile App marketers under the Paid, Owned and Earned Media. However, this blog page will be limited to Paid Media.

There are thousands of tools, services and channels that offer the opportunity to promote one’s Mobile App/ Sites. However, carefully selecting the channels and effectively measuring the performance can guarantee the ‘Return on Investment’. So, let’s take a look at the best Paid Channels available to marketers.

In essence, paid media presents two types of options for marketers to select from.

  1. Pay Per View/Display ( CPM)
  2. Pay Per Performance (CPC)

The CPM model is a great choice if you have a great content and is attractive. Whereas CPC model works well when you want to know how much engagement is being received for every penny spent.

There are innumerous apps and ads service available at a marketer disposal but out of our experience, following are the most reliable and result oriented services.

Tapjoy – One of the most popular App Monetization and User Acquisition Platform available, Tapjoy offer premium ad network platform to run ads types including (i) Pay-Per-Install (ii) Pay-Per-Engagement. Pay-Per-Install is a great option when you wish to drive App installs whereas if you wish to boost user engagement with any specific section like ‘Push Notification Opt-In’ then the pay-per-install is the right choice.

Facebook – Facebook offers premium mobile ads service network which can be used by mobile app marketers for driving app install or boost mobile app engagement. Facebook guarantees high quality users that actually perform action on your app – that is a good ‘return on investment’. Facebook is different from other Mobile Ads network in the sense that it offers ‘Sponsored App Promotion’ feature. This provides a great way to target specific user audience along with offering a social proof in the newsfeed display that which other user has already used the app.

Admob – Google Admob offers a great premium ad platform for promoting mobile apps. Admob offer great options to run Mobile Ads. Marketers can choose apps, mobile sites as well as specific target audience where they wish to run their Admob campaign.

Admob also offers a ‘House Ads’ option. This allows marketers to run ads within their own app to boost engagement.

Above-the-Line – Other paid media options include ‘Above the Line’ paid media. Above the line media options includes Magazine, Television, Radio, Print Media etc… This is the media that takes your brand out of the computer world into the real world through magazines, television and radio etc.. These kind of display ads in newspaper, television and more works better with some sort of interaction for engagement. For example, you can put an ad in the magazine that encourages users to color match items in the image with a QR code linking to a mobile site.

While the above Paid media offers a great option to market your app, it is equally important to have an Ad performance measurement mechanism in place to measure the ad performance and select the best set of networks.

Next in the series will be a detailed article on the Owned Media and how you can leverage it to market your app. So, stay tuned.

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