Mobile Customer Engagement Platform to convert App Critics to App Advocates

Free Webinar – Mobile Engagement Platform to convert App Critics to App Advocates

Our founder Jay is providing a Free Webinar for TechGig members on Mobile Engagement Platform to convert App Critics to App Advocates on Monday, 2nd November 2015.

What’s in it for you?

Mobile App growth is unprecedented. However, the harsh reality is that every mobile App is struggling to get User attention. Having an App that addresses a User challenge or built for Entertainment purpose is just not good enough. App has to have potential to dynamically engage users, offer great and timely user support and experience. This is the only mantra to hold your users.  A(P)ertain User engagement tools are the answer to this monstrous problem. A tool that lets you:

1. Capture precise User Experiences

One of the primary factors that decide the longevity of the User Engagement with the App is User Experience. An App developer needs to capture the User Experience. If User is having a good App experience then it should converted to Positive Ratings and Reviews for the App. And, if the User is having a bad experience then that should be captured for App improvement. In this webinar, we will discuss about tools offered by A(P)ertain to help App Developers capture and enhance User Experience.

2. Convert User Experience to your App advantage and Drive App improvement.

Every App needs improvement to stay relevant and keep the Users engaged. For this, App needs to continually include improvements and features that are most desired by its user base. But in a real world, Users are constantly showcasing the behavior of abandoning the App when they do not have a great User Experience with it. This further makes it quite crucial for App Developers to deploy tools that can encourage users to be vocal. Nothing can be better than tools that are available to users within the App – just a touch away and intelligently encourages him to connect with you. In this webinar, we will cover the tools that allow your user base to be vocal about their experience.

Key Takeaways

  • User Engagement Challenges Mobile Apps are facing today.
  • How these challenges are driving existing and new Users away from you app.
  • How you can turn the situation by capturing precise and timely User Experience.
  • How you can convert the user experience to drive App engagement and App improvement
  • How you can convert the User Experience to increase App downloads

Who Should Attend?

Mobile App Developers, Stake holders, Project Managers and Technical Architects of Mobile App Development.

When is the Webinar?

Webinar is going to happen on Monday 2nd November, 2015 at 7:30 AM EST ( 5PM IST)

How to Register?

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About Jay

Jay is the Founder and CEO of JKL Technologies (, which specializes in Mobile & Cloud Applications & A(P)ertain.

A Mobile Technology fanatic, an avid learner and an entrepreneur at heart, Jay has worked on the successful design and development of various software product and mobile applications in various technologies. He started his career as a product developer and still prefers to be called as a learner than an entrepreneur.

Jay has over 15 yrs. experience in various technologies from Core Java/J2EE with Web 2.0 to writing highly reliable cross-platform C/C++ applications and with SQL (MySQL/Oracle) & NoSQL databases. His expertise also includes knowledge on architecting and deploying highly scalable Applications on the Cloud (Amazon AWS, AppEngine, Azure). His specialization includes interactions with Customers/Partners to generate market & product requirements and prioritizing them to be included in the product.

A(P)ertain Team

A(P)ertain Team provides good insight into the team behind A(P)ertain and also a great insight into how A(P)ertain came to be. The Team also provides market research on why there is a need for products such as A(P)ertain and how Mobile Developers can achieve their goals by using such tools.

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