Increase Your App Downloads with App Discovery in 6 Easy Steps

How to Increase Your App Downloads? Drive App Discovery in 6 Easy Steps

It is increasingly becoming difficult for an App developer to get the App(s) noticed. Existing App that is installed on a smartphone also does not guarantee its repeated & continuous usage. As an App developer, if you wish people to discover your App, install it, and continue to use it, then you need a well laid out what we call an optimization strategy for your App.

Here, we have mentioned steps for you to follow and get the optimization done right at the first time to drive downloads and conversions.

1. App Make Over

Before you get started with marketing the App within a marketplace, it is quite important to understand the components within an App that affects its search discoverability. Downloads are not guaranteed unless your App fails to shows up in discovery and fails to create an impression.

a. App Icon

App Icon greatly helps in increasing App desirability. When users search or discover App in an App Store, the first visual impression of your App is your App icon. That makes it very important to optimize and have a great icon. So, what needs to be considered when designing an App icon?

  1. Avoid using words in your App icon. You have your App name for that.
  2. Don’t standard gloss.
  3. Design with a single idea in mind. Keep it simple.
  4. Provide a 1024*1024 size icon and make sure it looks great.
  5. Ensure icon is consistent with your App as well as your brand (if possible).
  6. Stand out from the crowd and be innovative.
  7. Adding border to your App ensures that it looks great and consistent across all backgrounds.

It is suggested to test your icon even before releasing the App to find out which App icon is more clicked. Using paid ads on mobile advertising networks such as Admob or online advertising through Google Adwords and Facebook, you can test your App icon for its desirability.

b. App Name

As far as ASO (App Store Optimization) is concerned, you App name and keywords count the most.

According to Nielsen, recent study has revealed that 63% of users have utilized it for new App discovery. That makes it much more important to optimize your App name with highly sought after keyword phrases.

  1. Have a descriptive and relevant App name
  2. Use keywords in your App name for App discovery
  3. Do not include any special character in your App name
  4. Don’t use name that are already in use.
  5. Select the keywords that are mostly used by your audience.
  6. App Store algorithm also uses publisher name. Careful use keywords in your publisher name.

You can make use of some of the brilliant ASO tools such as Straply and Sensor Tower to identify keywords and use them in the App name.

2. Keywords

90% of the App discoverability depends upon how closely the built-in search engine and search queries (Keywords) related to each other that App developer have used. Hence, keywords are very crucial to App discovery.

  1. Limit your description to 100 characters (excluding spaces)
  2. Browse Top similar Apps for keywords identification.
  3. See trending keywords using keywords tools.
  4. Identify and analyze keywords used by competitors.

An App’s keyword data also has a great impact on its search rank. Having relevant, high-traffic key words in your keyword meta-data can help you improve your Apps search ranking. You can use the tools mentioned above for your keywords discovery.

3. Screenshots

In App store screenshot may imply a screen capture of your App, however, you should think of it as a banner ad. Both the App Stores display screenshots more prominently than an App’s description itself. Next to the App icon, an App’s screenshot is the strongest visual representation of your App, so it is quite important to use a visual/picture that is attractive, increases user curiosity and draw the user to download it. Ad networks can be used to test multiple screen shots for highest click through. It is important to remember:

  • Screenshots should be as crisp, clean and professional
  • Ensure the App is clearly seen.
  • 3 screenshots is must, 6 screenshots are recommended.
  • Each screenshot should include a different instance of the App.

4. Use a cover image for Google Play

A cover image can make a whole lot difference to the App download. It is highly recommended to have a unique cover page that is different from the screen shots. It is also advised to size/resize it per the specifications of the store.

5. Make a Video

“If a picture is 1,000 words then a video is 1,000 pictures.” It is must to make a video for your App. A video should be professionally done to attract users. If you need an external help, there are mobile specific video editors, like Apptamin, that specialize in App videos.

6. Language

Based on your target audience, localized App description can be “icing on the cake”. Wherever you have an opportunity, have your description localized to most common languages like Chinese, Korean, Spanish or French. Various free and paid tools are available to help you with the translation.

This will help marketers/developers increase their App downloads through effective App discovery in popular App market place. If you are interested to learn more techniques on Mobile App marketing, please download our elaborated guide on Mobile Marketing from here

We would be glad to listen from you, how do you drive your App downloads?


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