Why A(P)ertain ?

Why A(P)ertain?

I have been meaning to write this post for a very long time. In our quest for something meaningful, we suddenly strike upon something which is both meaningful, honest and relevant. But, as most of the time we don’t realize it as soon as we should and most of the time end up losing the same.

As a Mobile Developer developing Mobile Apps/Games for various clients, as well as ourselves – we JKL Technologies had created a niche and profitable market. But as an App Developer we tend to always think about how the User is actually using the App/Game. It is quite daunting to get a real perspective of a User handling our game. We know certain areas of the App/Game are created which are defined as “User Error Handling” or “Unexpected Areas”, which as a developer we dread a User to feel or see. These areas are such death knell, that we want to guide a valid User out. But, the seeds of that result are sown much farther in the App User Experience that recovering from that was not easy by normal coding within the App.

This was a daunting task and we had to record a lot of data and handle the App or Game based on the recorded data. This became tedious when that data and the pattern analysis behind it failed or was not immediately (real-time) possible. Hence, we needed a product which would provide real-time data, analysis & reports which can be corrected within the App, but not involve the App.

A(P)ertain idea was thus began, recording of User Experiences & Behavior Patterns as App Analytics, thus tracking User’s preferences, positive, negative & neutral experiences, using those data to produce several built-in User Engagement Tools & Custom Developer Tools.

Smart Rating Prompt is thus a very simple tool which is initiated only when a User’s Behavior suggests a lot of positive experiences within the App. And similarly a Feedback Prompt pops up to get feedback from the User from within the App.

In-App Support becomes the primary means of communication between User & the App Developer.

Push Notifications are the means to communicate with your User or group of Users.

All the above Customer/User Engagement Tools are powered in the backend by the App Analytics & Pertain Engine.

A(P)ertain has made life easy for our Apps/Games, it has also addressed numerous other developers in cutting their development time and hurrying up their Go To Market strategy. Most of the developers we have intro’d A(P)ertain are astonished at the time they could save with a plug-n-play SDK.

So now you have a reason to use A(P)ertain, do you still think you need to ask Why?


Jay is Founder of A(P)ertain, a mobile customer engagement platform & JKL Technologies, a SaaS & Mobile Apps Development firm. When working with Mobile Apps for JKL, he identified the necessity of a generous & effective customer engagement platform. Thus the birth of A(P)ertain. His hobbies range from Cricket, Listening to Music with eyes closed to watching Movies (especially Sci-Fi, 007 & Superhero ones).