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The User Engagement Platform for Web & Mobile Applications

APertain, the User Engagement Platform for Web & Mobile Applications, provides the Web & Mobile Developer with an arsenal of tools to increase the Engagement with the Visitors and Users by adding tools which provide an easy way to access the developer as well as the content inside a Web or Mobile App. The primary tool in such an endeavor is the Live Chat Tool available for both Web & Mobile Apps. Using the Live Chat, the Developer can monitor the progress of a Visitor from the first Screen of the Website or Mobile App to the stage where the Visitor's interest is lost. Thus, enabling a never ending pursuit of prior engagement with the Users. Not just the Live Chat Tool, APertain also offers a Smart Rating/Feedback Prompt, for Visitors to leave feedback about the Website or Mobile App. Another best engagement tool is to add the Push Notifications, which when accepted by the Visitor provides latest updates and encourages the Visitor to come back to the website or mobile app for more. The utility of the User Engagement Tools can further enhance the need for better understanding of the Visitor using internal page visit analytics and much much more tools are built with APertain by learning the latest trends in the market.

APertain in Instagram

Welcome to our brand new APertain Instagram Page! We are proud to introduce ourselves, in the new Platform to reach you.

APertain in Instagram

Welcome to our brand new APertain Instagram Page! We are proud to introduce ourselves, in the new Platform to reach you.

100th Customer for APertain

APertain is glad to announce the acquisition of the 100th Customer in our Mobile Customer Engagement Platform. Once we started rolling out APertain our eye was already set on a few important milestones.

User Engagement using APertain

WHAT IS USER ENGAGEMENT? Creating an app is just like a “Child’s Play” but it becomes successful only when you drive in customers and keep them “active” by maintaining a good rapport with them. To be more clear, here comes the concept of “User Engagement”.

TechInAsia Jakarta

APertain in TechInAsia Jakarta: The TechInAsia Jakarta conference conducted on 16 Nov – 17 Nov of 2016 is the fifth annual event in Jakarta. More than 5300 people gathered for the Event, mostly (around 91%) from Indonesia and the small but significant number from other countries. This event helps the startups get introduced the Tech […]

APertain Mobile User Onboarding

What is Mobile User Onboarding? Mobile User Onboarding is a very broad term defined in a very complex sense by many analysts and experts. But all they want to convey is to ensure First App Usage from a Mobile User. Simply put, a Mobile User browses the App Store, downloads an App and uses it […]

APertain in GMASA 2016 – After the Event

APertain in GMASA 2016 – After the Event APertain in GMASA 2016 has been wonderful. The week was tremendous and the week after has been fantastic for APertain. We have had a great re-assurance on what we are doing and great attractive young customers who are willing to try and use APertain. We have generated a lot of goodwill […]