Smart Rating Prompts
Smart Rating Prompts
Get App Reviewed
Gathering an App Review from a user at the right moment is an earned skill. When users have had a positive or better experience with the App/Game, they tend to provide a positive review for the App/Game. Hence, it is a prerogative to show up the Rating Prompt at the right moment and ensure a positive review. APertain provides User Behavioural Parameters with positive or negative experience to enable increase in positive reviews from users.
Smart Rating Prompts - increase positive opinion & ratings
Know how customers feel
Smart Rating Prompts are shown via a process through which positive user experiences lead the users to rating prompts and negative user experiences lead the users to provide constructive feedback on the App. This enables the developer to follow-through and convert negative user experience to a positive one.
Smart Feedback Prompts - to decrease negative experiences & ratings
Get App Reviews
Every user has a different view on your app. People who love the app will be guided to the app store directly and gets reviewed. Some may not love the app will be given prompt to send private message directly to the developer thus reduces the negative ratings and comments in the public forum.
Google Play, Apple App Store, & other commercial App Store Ratings
Increase Positive Ratings
Rating of Apps can follow the customized Pertain Engine process flow as well, or can use the tried and tested default process flow as defined out-of-the box on APertain. It prompt the users to rate the App in their respective Stores (Google Play or Amazon).
Start taking Actions based on User Behavioural Patterns
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Smart Rating Prompts
Smart Rating Prompt
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Mobile In-App Support, Mobile App Support
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