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Mobile Customer Engagement Platform
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Get Users to Express their Love

Discover user experience for your App with Smart Prompts. Guide happy users to express their Love for the App through Positive Ratings and Reviews.

Help users who have become App Critics and convert them as your App advocates.


Capture Insight About Customer

Customer insight about the App is invaluable to Drive Product Management and Support.

A(P)ertain In-App Support guides users to leave feedback when they are not satisfied. It is easy to setup and intuitive for users to take part.


Convert App critics to advocates

Users that aren’t satisfied offer great insight about App Experience.

Listen and Converse with them using A(P)ertain In-App Support. Users will feel special and will be your App's loyal advocates.


Actionable insight to drive customer experience

A(P)ertain includes User Behavior Driven Analytics and insight that is Deep, Actionable and Drives User Engagement and Experience.

This will help Developers drive Product Management based on User needs.


Put INSIGHT into ACTION with Pertain Engine®

Stay competitive by reducing the time gap between Insight and Action using ready to use Pertain Engine®.

Your workflow logic in our Pertain engine® will give your app the competitive edge and help you design the experience for your users to keep them coming back.


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